Bill Gates Warns That The Next Pandemic Will Get Our Attention

Posted by Administrator in Covid 19 & Vaccines on Tuesday 19th April 2022

It's almost like Bill Gates wants a bigger pandemic next time. How do these lunatics get to decide what the world does? Did he not make enough money out of Covid?

Bill Gates has warned that the next pandemic could be "more devastating" than the outbreak of Ebola.

The Microsoft co-founder was speaking at the launch of a new initiative to improve global health security.

The initiative, called the Global Health Security Agenda, aims to help countries prepare for, and respond to, disease outbreaks.

It has been backed by more than 30 countries, including the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Gates said the world was "not prepared" for the next pandemic.

"We need to act now to build the systems we need to detect, prevent and respond to pandemics in today's connected world," he said.

"The next pandemic could be even more devastating than Ebola.

"We need to be prepared."

The initiative comes amid concerns that the world is not doing enough to prepare for the next major pandemic.

In September, a report by the World Bank warned that a future pandemic could kill up to 33 million people and cost the global economy up to $3 trillion.

The report said that the world was "woefully underprepared" for a future pandemic and called for urgent action to improve global health security.

The new initiative will focus on four key areas: strengthening healthcare systems, improving disease surveillance, building laboratory capacity and developing new vaccines and medicines.

It will also work to improve international cooperation on health security issues.

Mr Gates said the initiative would help to "save lives, protect economies and prevent human suffering".

"The goal is to make the world safer from epidemics," he said.

"We need to act now to build the systems we need to detect, prevent and respond to pandemics in today's connected world."

The initiative has been welcomed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr Margaret Chan, the WHO's director-general, said the initiative was a "milestone" in the fight against pandemics.

"We must do everything possible to be better prepared for the next health crisis," she said.

"No single government or institution can do this alone.

"The Global Health Security Agenda is a critical step forward in our collective efforts to safeguard the world against epidemics."